Vendor/Nonprofit Policies And Instructions

Toward Zero Waste Requirements and Guidelines:

  • No styrofoam or plastic water bottles are to be used or sold.
  • Sell sodas and other drinks in cans, if not using fountain drinks with paper cups.
  • Tell customers about water filling stations placed throughout festival.
  • If possible, use paper or metal straws. Don’t put plastic straws out – only supply them if requested.
  • Use paper drink cups, sample/souffle cups, wooden taster spoons, and paper boats.
  • Offer alternatives to plastic bags, please consider paper bags.


  • We are adopting the Plastic Free Little Rock philosophy, for SoMa is the first community to join this effort. Below are additional guidelines for this effort and how this will affect vendors.
  • Vendors will receive a 10’x10’ space; your entire booth (including tent and tent frame, if used) must fit within the allotted space.
  • We advise all vendors to use an event-style canopy for their booth as we will not be providing any covered spaces.
  • Vendor placement is up to the Arkansas Cornbread Festival Committee, please do not make location requests.
  • Only the items listed on your application and approved prior to the festival may be sold at the event.
  • Vendor insurance is the responsibility of the vendors to purchase and is not provided by the Arkansas Cornbread Festival.
  • There is no rain date. The event is rain or shine.
  • No electricity will be available at vendor booths.
  • You will receive final instructions specific to arrival times, logistics and setting up one week prior to the festival date.
  • Please keep a copy of these instructions.

Overview: More detailed information about load in/out, booth spaces, etc. will be sent the week of the festival. But here is a general overview:

Set-Up: 7:30-9:30:00 A.M.

  • Vendors/nonprofits should arrive for set-up no earlier than 7:30 A.M.
  • Set-up must be complete and all vehicles removed by 9:30 A.M.
  • Vendors/nonprofits need to unload their booth contents and remove their vehicle from the area as soon as possible. Parking is not allowed in the E-Z Mart parking lot.
  • All vendors booth spaces will be marked’ vendors must be set up in those spaces, NOT on the sidewalk.
  • Sidewalks must stay clear.

Tear-Down: 4:00-6:00 P.M.

  • Vendor/nonprofit vehicles will not be permitted in the vendor booth area to tear down until 4:30 PM. Early tear-down is not permitted.
  • Vendors/nonprofits are responsible for disposing of all trash, recycling, etc. in the nearest receptacles. We ask that you leave your assigned area in the same or better condition than when you arrived for set-up.

For additional information, contact