Dear Cornbreaders,

It’s been a crazy year, to say the least. We were hoping to have another stellar year of Cornbread supporting the SoMa community, but, as we all know, the pandemic threw us a curveball. We’ve worked with our board and volunteers, then asked ourselves, “Could we make something happen this year? What kind of activities would be feasible? What might the Festival look like?” Ultimately, there were bigger elephants in the room. One, the safety of our festival goers, volunteers, and vendors who make it happen. Two, the volunteers who plan and design the festival for the community have bigger priorities to focus on, such as their families and their livelihoods. The pandemic has affected everyone.

So, this year, we need to focus on our friends, our families, and ourselves. Work has changed. Home has changed. Free time has changed. It’s hard to ask people to focus on something other than what’s in front of them. We’ve always heard “you can’t be effective in helping other people if you don’t take care of yourself,” and our group needs to take care of their own personal needs and community in order to help everyone else.

But have no fear! The Arkansas Cornbread Festival will be back, better than ever. For this year, we are suspending the 2020 Cornbread Festival, and you may not see much in the way of media while we focus on other priorities. We need this Festival. Our community needs this festival. Our volunteers and supporters are still focusing on the community and the small businesses that need us, but just in a different way. And we can’t wait to bring back the energy for next year. Check in when you can, and we look forward to connecting with you and the community soon.

Cosmo and Friends

Saturday, October 26, 2019

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It all happens in Little Rock, on South Main St. (the SoMa community) between 13th and 17th Streets.