Now that the 2nd Arkansas Cornbread Festival has taken place, we have some people we’d like to thank. While the Festival itself was planned by a small handful of people, the incredible volunteers actually made the Festival such a success.  In addition to all the wonderful vendors and amazing competitors, almost 100 volunteers gave their time and energy to the festival and they deserve a big round of thanks.  If we’ve left anyone off this list, please email and we will amend immediately!


Jake Garrett, Patricia Goff, John Kubale, Jaimie Wright, Kevin Shalin, Meredith Cummings, Adam Kittrell, Randy, Ryan Dunn, Max White, Rachelle Walsh, John Walsh, Crystal Spencer, Eden Spencer, Sarah Clark, Margaret Justus, Andi Smith, Jason Woods, Ali, Jai & Rebekah from First Security Bank, Cindy Pugh, Cindy Mcghee, Mike Mason, Brett Hardison, Antr’chelle Dorsey, Al Dorsey, Chris Musson, Caitlin Love, Sunny Matuszyk, Hillis Schild, Stuart Schild, Melody Sugg, Melissa Hendricks, Nathan Vandiver, Chuck Griffith, Suzy and her gracious husband, Dale Allen and Volunteers, Bob, Sarah Smith, Becky Engstrom, Bryan Barnhouse, Jennifer Barnhouse, Doug Melkovitz, Colleen Baird, Dan Daugherty, Jake Snowden, Cassie Toro, Carrie Kirkendoll, Barbara J. Thompson, Dawn Hattison, Renee Presslar, Cyndy Daugherty, Becky Hollis, Marcella Dalla Rosa, Heather Bailey, Ashley Lavendar, Waynette Traub, Scott Braden, Scott Waller, Nesha Pulliam, Dionne Purley, Dovie, Bert Walker, Keith Jones, John Jones, Jerome Jones, Joyce Jones, Sandy Griffith, Kaija, Nichelle, Marissa, La Tisha, Dereika, Fanchon, and Lee Fleming.

Without these amazing volunteers, we would not be able to put on the Cornbread Festival.  Thank you for volunteering your time and your talents.  We hope you’ll be back again next year!

The Arkansas Cornbread Festival