Call for stories: Cornbread 

Tales from the South Radio Show has a very special show coming up on Sunday, Oct. 6, in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Arkansas Cornbread Festival.
We are seeking stories about or that have cornbread in them. Cornbread can be the main focus of the story (the first Thanksgiving you made it and burned it, for example) or just make an appearance in the story. We are looking for stories, not essays about cornbread. In other words, something must happen, with rising action building to a climax.
All of our other submission requirements are the same as our regular shows (1,200-1,500 words, must be true, etc.). See our website for full submission guidelines.  Be sure and put “Cornbread Show” in the subject line, along with the title, word count, and your name.
Submission deadline is Thursday, Sept. 26, at noon.