Though my name shows up as author, for the Cornbread Stories, I’m merely the editor/complier/poster. You, our friends and followers, are the passers-on of these tales. Please note the true writer’s name at the end each time. This, our first, is by Gail Lowery.

My father, in his seventieth year – this was after my mother had passed – discovered cornbread that he could easily make from a box. He proudly made me some when I went to visit him and bragged and bragged on himself. I know it was ordinary and silly, but I could cry now thinking about a man who had never cooked a day in his life doing this and feeling it was one of his most impressive accomplishments. And it’s one of the fondest memories I have of him.

Humble cornbread equals love. No matter the recipe – if it’s cooked with love it will nourish your body, and if you had a daddy like mine, it will magically nourish your heart for decades after.

– Submitted by Gail Lowery